Soda lime glass tubing

Soda-lime glass consists of 70% silicon dioxide and 7 other materials to achieve the desired chemical resistance at a low glass transition temperature. The result is a low-cost glass with a low melting temperature that is easy to process and suitable for all applications that have a moderate requirement profile. This is especially true for packaging glassware, laboratory and test tubes, and all types of glass covers and sight glasses. Our glass tubes and glass rods made of soda-lime glass have the 3rd water resistance class and acid class S1. Due to the good processing ability, our soda-lime glass tubes and rods can meet narrow tolerance ranges.

Special properties of soda-lime glass

  • excellent quality / price ratio
  • narrow tolerance ranges
  • low specific gravity
  • good machinability
  • excellent quality
  • high transparency
  • favorable price-performance ratio
  • ideal container glass
  • good optical surface properties

Typical applications

  • laboratory and test tubes
  • packaging glass
  • decorative arts
  • photovoltaics
  • protective glasses
  • sight glasses e.g. luminaire covers
  • lighting industry
  • food industry
  • flow indicators in plant engineering

Chemical properties

Chemical composition: 69% SiO₂ – 13% Na₂O – 5% CaO – 4% Al₂O₃ – 3% MgO – 3% K₂O – 2% BaO – 1% B₂O₃
Hydrolytic resistance: Water resistance class HGB 3, Acid class S 1, Alkali class A 2

Physical properties

Density: 2.50 g/cm³ (25°C)
Refractive index: ω=1.514
Transformation temperature Tg: 525 °C
Short-term maximum permissible temperature: 100 °C
Young’s modulus of elasticity: 73 10³ Nmm-²
Mean linear thermal expansion coefficient: 9.1 x 10-6K-1

Electrical properties

Dielectric resistance: 7.2 (1 MHz, 25°C )
Specific volume resistance: 7.1 ohm – cm (250 °C), 5.7 ohm – cm (350 °C)

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